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Informacija kačių parodos dalyviams/Information for show exibitors
Date: 2013-08-24 14:26, previews: 4684


Lithuanian Felinology Association “Bubastė”

cordially invite all members of FIFe to

23/24 of NOVEMBER, 2013, KAUNAS


(International Cat Shows, two certificates)




More info about show hall               

More info about our shows: Video, foto

Recomended hotels

Show prizes: Royal canin, KIKA, NUARAS


Registration online only:


Šv.Gertrūdos 46, Kaunas LT-44261, Lithuania.

Tel. +370 37 322333, Fax. +370 37 324545

e-mail: or

Cat show place:


Official Judges:



p.Alfred Wittich (CH) I II III IV
p.Anna Paluoloma
(FIN)   II  III  
p.Tatiana Boiko
p.Helene Reiter
p. () I II III



For hotel information:   or  

Closing date for entries       17  11 2013.

Attention! Cancellations until the closing date.Entries must payed if no cancelled in corect time.

All show-entry forms must be confirmed by the club of which the exhibitor is member. You are reminded to ensure that you bring the original of this form with you when you arrive at the show


Show fees for LFA „BUBASTE“ members: special price listed in data base

Show fees (per day) FIFe members:             1day                2days

Litters                                                              40€                  60€

Kittens 3-6                                                      30€                  40€

Domestic                                                         10€                  15€

Other cats                                                        40€                  50€

Corrections (if exhibitors fault)                        5€

Show fees not FIFe members (per day):        1day             2 days

Litters                                                                    50€                        70€

Kittens 3-6                                                             50€                  60€

Domestic                                                              20€                  30€

All classes                                                           50€                          60€

IMPORTANT: Allowed to use own cages, if they are spread inside our cage.   

Double cat cage for 1 cat                                            10 €   

Colour control                                                             10€

Bank  account:  Kauno Centrinis Felinologų Klubas, 193323080

Bank: Swedbank, S.W.I.F.T. BIC-HABALT22 Account No: LT727300010134434358



Saturday from 8 to 10 a.m., Sunday: from 9 to 10 a.m.

All cats must have microchip or tatto and valid Pet Pasport , be healthy and free from infections and parasites. It is obligatory for all cats to be vaccinated against rabies, respiratory virqal diseases and panleucopenia, at least 30 days but no more than 12 months before the show. All white cats must have a certificate stating that the cat is not deaf. All cats must have their nails cut before the show.

Attention!!! FIFe and LFA  rules apply at all times. Cats cannot stay in the show-hall overnight. Cats must be in decorated cages until the official end of the show! Only the cats vetted in and described in the catalogue can be presented in the show hall. All the exhibitors must conduct themselves accordingly to the show rules.  Exhibitors are responsible for the health and behavior of their cats at all times. Changes of colours of your cat can be registered in the Secretariat only until 10:00am. Judges decisions are final and cannot be protested


Attention! Cat's cage decorations can not blank the cat. Show visitors and show service personnel must easily preview the cats.

If you want to cancel cat registration to the show, you must do it till closing date for entries otherwise registration fee should be payed. You must send request to cancel your registration by e-mail

About cat exposition during show:

1. According to 05.16.2008 LFA "Bubastė" board decision, personal cat cages are strongly prohibited. Allowed only own cages inserted into LFA "Bubastė" cages.

2. Under FIFe requirements - a) every cat place in cage must be at least 50x50 cemtimeters; b) cats can't be hidden or masked from visitors. To protect cat (or visitors) cage can be covered only with transparent sheet or other transparent material.        

   information: info@

Looking forward to see you in our celebration!













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